Learning is About People.

We keep people at the center of all our designs, helping learners achieve learning outcomes and helping instructors advance learner success. We also encourage purposeful interactions, peer-to-peer and instructor-to-student that promote deeper learning.


What is learning design without people? We fully embrace faculty and student learning needs throughout the design process.

best practices

We know what works. We’ve tested, applied and validated the research and learning science to back it up.

equity & inclusion

The path to great learning includes every learner, and always provides alternative pathways. Flexible, purposeful design ensures equity, parity and access for all.

collaboration & engagement

In learning and design, people achieve more together.

backward design

Knowing where you want your learners to land guides how to design the path for getting there.

active learning

People learn by doing. Actively engaging the learner in the learning experience helps advance success.


Every experience has a story. Here are a few of ours.

St. Francis College

St. Francis College faculty had mastered the basics of online learning. At the same time, the experience during COVID-19 had emphasized the need to increase online learner engagement in both live and asynchronous lecture sessions.

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What we really were able to do during our workshop was break down the barrier of that faculty member who said, “I’m never going to teach online. I’m never going to use this” and making them part of a community.

Corinne Smolizza

Instructional Designer and Director of Online Learning & Instructional Technology, St. Francis College

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We collaborate with you to create rich, interactive learning experiences.

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Learning media is always about enhancing the experience for the learner, we ensure that happens.

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We boost your capacity to create effective learning experiences at scale with a combination of tools and services.


We help you reimagine degrees or credentials through the external lens and needs of all stakeholders.

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To design for people, you need to know them. Our user insight practice helps you connect. 

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We help our clients navigate rapid change and innovate for the future.

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