VP, Sales/ Business Development

Job Description:

ODL seeks a high performing leader to build and manage a sales team. The team will focus on building a strong presence at colleges and universities and relationships with academic leaders to drive both the LX Accelerate product/SaaS business and the ODL core services business. This role will have a substantial impact on the company's growth in 2020 and beyond, directly influencing our revenue, market share, ability to pivot, expansion potential, and even culture.


We seek a dynamic team player who thrives in a flexible and fast-paced environment, enjoys working collaboratively with an entrepreneurial senior management team, is an exceptionally driven self-starter, and has a passion for education, innovation, and technology. Our sales leader will bring to ODL both expertise in academic enterprise sales and relationships with academic leaders at the institutional and state/system level. Above all we are looking for a senior-level sales pro who can build and motivate a team to secure large-scale engagements and partnerships.

We Seek Someone Who:

  • Is ready to be a critical member of a leadership team that is charting a new path to rapidly grow and scale a successful company

  • Instinctively creates an environment—and a culture—for success

  • Is a great coach, and achieves success through the sales talent you build, guide, nurture and hold accountable

  • Is self-disciplined and fixated on target revenue goals and implementing a strict sales process

  • Understands the Higher Ed market and the competition

  • Has an exceptional ability to partner with institutional leaders

  • Represents the needs of the customer to the rest of the company

  • Helps drive financial results

  • Steers the direction of the sales function, aligns resources, and improves key selling processes & channels

  • Drives operational improvements working with other company leaders on strategies to improve workflows, invest in technology infrastructure, and improve data harvesting and analytics

  • Optimizes budget allocation, sales force compensation, and a range of team development programs

  • Can help the company increase market share and focus its efforts during our current expansion into new offerings and markets

Your Responsibilities:

  • Partnering with senior leaders to drive the strategy and success of ODL

  • Recruiting a sales force

  • Designing compensation plans

  • Overseeing training and coaching

  • Refining the ODL sales process and ensuring that it’s executed appropriately

  • Helping the sales force to make use of tools, customer data, and research

  • Managing metrics and setting goals

  • Managing sales team performance and ensuring that it is aligned with company direction

  • With your team, you will study and help flesh out a market map of prospective university clients across the country, identifying and engaging with prospective clients, at various senior levels across respective universities (Chair, Dean, Provost, President)

  • With your team, you initiate new client opportunities and work to actively develop opportunities from a lead to a signed contract

  • With your team, you work to expand existing relationships across campus after the initial contract is in place 

  • Driving a culture of success

  • Setting high-level sales strategy to drive revenue

  • Working with your colleagues across ODL to enhance our offerings, service and overall our ability to improve learning and expand access to higher education/adult learning

  • ​​​​​​​​​​​Having fun, and we mean that! We work hard and play hard, and we are looking for the next person that joins us to like to work and play too

Qualifications and Skills:

  • Experience selling to Higher Ed leaders is required for this role

  • Bachelor’s degree required

  • Travel Required

  • Senior leadership experience in prospecting, selling, and contracting multi-million-dollar deals

  • Experience managing a sales team to consistently drive results

  • Experience with a mix of short- and long-cycle sales - patience and savvy org [CB1] navigation is a must

  • ​​Experience with a fast-growth startup type organization or company mindset will be very helpful, but not required

If you’re interested in applying for this position please email our hiring manager, Claire Brennan, with your resume and cover letter to cbrennan@odlearn.com.