Purposeful Learning Festival '21

Student Voices

Hear from students who describe, in their own words, what they want on their campuses regarding support for mental health and wellness.

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Kiara Williams

“The most important thing in my life was my community, the people around me, my support system.”

Eeman Uddin

“My ideal world would definitely be one in which mental health was as prioritized as physical health.”

Kristina Tucker

We all have life experiences. They come in all shapes and sizes.”

Mark Lannaman

“Education is a really beautiful thing that I think we need to continue valuing but also understanding, we don’t need to make it stressful, rather a beautiful experience.”

Vickiana Supriana

“The dehumanizing doesn’t stop at mental health facilities, it can also happen in schools.”

Christa Elrod

We do best when we address the intersectional issues, the trauma that we all experience, and adapt and change our standards so that everyone has the ability to heal.”

Asia Almarales

“We should focus on trying to improve and that every single obstacle or failure leads to room for improvement”

Manuella Alarca

When you worry, you suffer twice, and once I realized that that’s what I was doing, I learned to live in the present and experience joy to the fullest regardless of what could happen in the future.”

Kimberli Bruso

“Find time for yourself so that you can de-stress and detox.”

Watch the Live Panel From Our Festival!

Hear from a special panel of students from the Every Learner Everywhere Network Fellows program. Presented in partnership with Online Learning Consortium (OLC) on September 21, 2021.

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