A Humanized Approach to Academic Support That Simply Makes Sense

Our goal is to leave every instructor, learner, and administrator feeling more empowered after working with our team than they did before. All of our solutions are designed to integrate seamlessly with your current infrastructure to provide extra support where you need it most. 

O’Donnell + ISG creates custom support solutions in four main areas to support the key stakeholders that make up the learning community. Everything we do puts people and community first.

Whether they’re a learner or an institutional leader, we want each stakeholder to feel fully supported, knowing they have immediate access to help providers ready to resolve technical, learning design, and enrollment challenges.

The higher ed landscape is changing rapidly, and with that comes more responsibility. Professors and instructors are now expected to create digital classroom environments accessible on every device and keep up with new EdTech solutions. They may be subject matter experts, but they aren’t learning design and tech support experts. That’s where we step in to help. 

Faculty Concierge & Nectar®

Educator Success in Higher Ed Drives Student Success

Faculty Concierge provides unlimited 24/7 on-demand access to holistic educator support for in-person, online, and alt: hybrid courses to ensure they get the most out of a technology-driven classroom experience. 

Nectar® is our personalized platform to support and care for educators working in higher ed. Here educators can find curated resources, activities, guides, and interactive course development tools to support them in creating engaging learning experiences for adult learners.

Faculty Concierge supports educator success using Nectar® by providing unlimited support in understanding, implementing, and adopting time-saving new ways to approach…

  • Student Engagement
  • Professional Development 
  • Community Building
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusivity (DEI)
  • Ed Tech & Technology Success  
  • Course Design, Look, & Feel
    • Instructional Design 
    • Universal Design for Learning

Design Services

Instructional Design & Universal Design for Learning

Our approach to learning design is based on over 30 years of development and proven practice. Utilizing our unique approach to universal design for learning, the Purposeful Learning FrameworkTM, our instructional designers create impactful custom course design and learning resources.

Supporting educator development, our instructional designers can work with individual faculty to support them in transforming their approach to course design.

  • Full Course Design & Re-design
  • Open Educational Resources Creation 
  • Training & Certificate Programs
  • Educator Development
    • Faculty Design Support
    • Course Re-design Initiatives
    • Standardizing course quality
  • Custom Solutions

Student Success Coaching

Student Support Services That Go Above & Beyond

We help fill institutional gaps in student support services. Our localized student support team is primarily based in the US. 

Our philosophy is to leave students feeling better and more supported than they did before they reached out for help. 

All of our student success coaches and support service personnel are trained to bring a humanized, empathetic approach to problem-solving that is based on individual relationship building

  • Student Success Coaches
  • Student Support Services

Placement Solutions

Connect your “campus” with your learner’s career.

Help your learners build the real-world experience they need to earn their advanced degrees and thrive in their careers.

  • Field and clinical placement.  
  • For credit work and internship opportunities. 
  • Placement agency support and management. 
  • Process management to increase velocity of placement. 

EdTech Product Success

Academic Champions—the designers, technologists, and coaches that support the community.

You’ve got to move mountains to ensure that your course design, learning content, or EdTech has the greatest possible impact. We’re here to help YOU scale the impact your time can make on the learning community you support. Our localized team of learning specialists are ready to help add to the capabilities of your learning design team (or yourself), enhance the support your learners and educators get on your tech stack, and ensure your EdTech Product is utilized in the best possible way. 

  • User Success Support
  • Tech Support Overflow for Learning Technologies
  • On-demand Learning Design Support
  • Faculty Concierge & Nectar 

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