Message Template for Initial Student Outreach

Use the following message to reach out to your students; revise as necessary.

You may need to reformat when you cut and paste this document.

Dear Students:

As you know, all instruction at [INSTITUTION] will be delivered online
due to the situation with Coronavirus. I am working to transfer our class
to this online mode so that you may continue your studies with as little
disruption as possible.

I will be communicating with you frequently via course email and
announcements so please be sure to check these on a daily basis. I am
evaluating all assignments, assessments, discussions, etc. in the course and will make any necessary revisions for the online environment. I will keep you apprised of what has changed and what will remain the same.

Please rest assured that my goal is for you to continue with your course
work as successfully as possible.

I welcome your questions and am looking forward to continued collaboration with you in this class.