Purposeful Learning Festival 2021

Mind Health and Wellness

September 2021

The Purposeful Learning Festival is O’Donnell Learn’s free education and culture conference. We invite you to watch recordings of our webinars, workshops, roundtables, and panel discussions focused on faculty learning design around the theme of student mental health and wellness as we build a learning community resulting from this initiative.



The Festival’s Goal

  • Deliver programming that addresses the issues of health and wellness and enables all participants to collaborate in finding actionable solutions and tools.
  • Build a dialogue emphasizing the connection between the learning experience and the health and wellness of both learners and educators.
  • Embrace cultural elements (visual and performing arts, poetry, literature) to provide a lens into the learner identity and experience.
  • Ignite the Purposeful Learning Community dedicated to humanizing learning and advancing student success.

Who’s Coming?

#PLFest21 is free to attend and open to anyone in our community and our partners’ channels interested in connecting learning with mental health and wellness.

  • Students
  • Instructors
  • Campus Staff
  • Campus Leadership
  • Alumni
  • Parents
  • Alliances for mental health
  • Philanthropic partners
  • Corporate Partners
Archer Education

There is a need and an opportunity to engage the affective domain, to know each other, to become something larger than ourselves. A wake-up call in this “Now Normal”.

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