​​Steer Your Institution Into the Future with LX Accelerate™

The Evolving Higher Education Learning Experience

Today’s students are savvy consumers and expect affordable, engaging, and relevant learning experiences.  Employers, meanwhile, expect colleges and universities to better prepare students for the ever-changing world of work.


Many institutions seek to manage their learning experiences internally; they also need external partners to bring in fresh perspectives and expand their capacity to scale. With the right partner, institutions can evolve the student learning experience while retaining their mission and culture.

What You’ve Told Us

Over 170 Provosts and academic leaders shared this critical message with us: innovating the learning experience is a high priority. You want help accelerating this change while retaining control of the learning experience.

How important is designing new learning experiences?

The LX Accelerate™ Solution. You maintain control, we support your success. 

Responding to this need, the O’Donnell team, after nearly 30 years of providing customized and innovative design services, is launching the LX Accelerate™ suite of products. Through this new product line, institutions can evolve the student experience with an affordable pre-packaged learning design program for funded initiatives that are difficult to scale. LX Accelerate™ combines processes, training, services and technology, enabling your team to accelerate innovation around learning.

         LX Program Offerings:

  • Soft skills badging

  • Affordability/OER 

  • Redesign for online

  • Blended learning

  • General education redesign

  • Stackable credentials

Are you interested in learning more or becoming a partner? 

Jumpstart Timeline

LX Jumpstart

Jumpstart is a 9-week process for launching a strategic 
redesign for up to 10 course instances with minimal costs and maximum control for your institution and faculty. 
Jumpstart  drives energy and momentum for your strategic initiative and empowers faculty to innovate their course from design to delivery.

Each Jumpstart offers

  • Comprehensive professional development program
    including live design bootcamps for faculty and asynchronous online learning.

  • Support from ODL LX designers.

  • Ready-to-use tools and templates that save time and are based on best learning science and practices.

  • Course design evaluation to ensure a high quality
    student experience.

LX Propel

Extend your instructional design and media production resources by embedding ODL’s  experts in your institution. For less than the cost of hiring and maintaining staff, you can have long-term access to our experts for learning experience innovation and implementation initiatives.  

Bring in fresh perspectives and expertise as you expand your capacity to complete LX initiatives.

LX Continuum

Through a combination of technology and services, your faculty and instructional design staff can sustain momentum and grow your LX programs by leveraging and customizing our platform.

An annual Continuum license provides your team access to:

  • A community manager to ensure effective implementation of
    your initiative.

  • Hands-on learning & design sessions for your faculty and instructional design team.

  • Periodic program evaluations.

  • Interactive design center (interoperable with leading LMSs) with guided templates, tools, and samples.

  • Training modules and design resources and best practices.

  • Facilitated collaboration using chat and group communication tools.

  • Access to a global community of designers and faculty.

LX Premier

ODL partners with institutions to create premium learning experiences cost-effectively and time-efficiently.  We enable you to rapidly design and develop degrees, courses, stackable credentials and bootcamps. Services range from full academic program redesign, such as transforming
on-ground degrees into blended or fully online, to creation of media assets. 


ODL partners with your faculty and leaders to provide a turnkey offering. We draw from our pool of over 300 learning design experts: instructional designers, project managers, writers, media and video producers, graphic designers, assessment developers, UI/UX designers, production teams, QA and more. And, we bring an array of research-based practices to each engagement, using design thinking methods to stimulate innovation and an array of effective pedagogical practices for engaging today’s busy and distracted learners.

Premier Design Process: