Tools and Resources for Creating Engaging Virtual Learning Experiences

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Today's Tip

Focus on the Essentials

What are the major outcomes and priorities for your course? What is essential for your students to learn? Stay focused on these and you will help your students succeed through this time.

Checklist:  Virtual Learning for Student Success

Stay in touch with your students to let them know what to expect.

Start with syllabus and learning outcomes.

Yes, this is possible online!

Use discussion tools.

Get Creative!

Conduct low stakes and formative assessments.

This might be a good time to use those publisher resources.

You can meet live during regular class time.

Record and post lectures - Use the tools available to you.

Students will appreciate this.

Gather and prepare materials.

Start with syllabus and learning outcomes.

Yes, these can be done online!

Student participation and engagement

What to tell your students.