O’Donnell Learn+ISG’s mission is to change the way the world learns. We are the learning experience company. To deliver on this mission, we leverage a people-centric learning experience design, data, and technology to ensure every educator is capable of creating the best experience for their learning community.

Quietly, we’ve been developing a platform combining technology and services (Nectar ™ )  that provides educators on-demand access to the infrastructure and support they need to deliver memorable learning experiences that connect with their learners. Fundamental to this vision is our Nectar ™ technology. It is designed to serve as the hub for instructors to innovate their teaching and develop their learning experiences to meet the demands of modern learners.  Included with our platform is our Concierge Team, comprising teaching and learning specialists who work with educators to support everything in their teaching flow, from ideation to course delivery.  Nectar ™ is designed uniquely for modern educators and the instructional champions that serve them. 

As Director, Partner Solutions, you’ll be dedicated to identifying and establishing new, long-term partnerships with private and public higher education institutions. Your goal will be to architect, propose and close partner-specific solutions leveraging the Nectar™ platform and Faculty Concierge services. You will leverage your deep understanding of higher education academic and business decision-making processes to effectively and efficiently guide opportunities from introduction through procurement. Leveraging your deep and broad-base of client-colleagues and O’Donnell Learn+ISG’s existing relationships, you will expand the Nectar™-Faculty Concierge footprint across an assigned region and strategic partner prospects. 


In this role you will…

  • Have an opportunity to bring a unique and modern faculty support platform (services and technology) to your existing client-colleague portfolio – guiding their transition to high-quality learning experience design and delivery across the institution. 
  • Focus your partner development efforts on expanding the adoption of Nectar ™ and Faculty Concierge services across an assigned region leveraging your client-colleague portfolio, existing O’Donnell Learn+ISG partner base and new partner development funnels.
  • Carry out your duties under minimal supervision but with lots of support from Executive Leadership, Learning Services, Marketing, and Growth Support teams.
  • Apply a consultative and solutions architecture approach to developing partner-specific faculty support and learning design solutions leveraging a broad range of faculty support components offered through the Nectar ™ platform. No cookie-cutter solutions.
  • Work closely with the Senior Vice President, Growth and Product Strategy to devise annual partnership growth objectives, strategies and targets to successfully meet partner and corporate strategic initiatives.
  • More importantly, you will work side-by-side with prospective partner stakeholders to understand their strategic and immediate learning experience needs, including Chief Academic Officers, Provosts, Board Members, Presidents, CEOs, and distance, online, and learning innovation leaders.
  • Work closely with the Growth Marketing team to influence campaigns aimed at increasing your access to key prospect influencers and decision makers.
  • Work closely with Learning Services to develop and confirm your solutions’ viability to meet partner objectives and O’Donnell Learn+ISG’s quality learning and financial objectives.

Are you…?

  • Passionate about improving the experience of teaching and learning!
  • Knowledgeable in and have architected multi-component, institution-specific solutions for student and faculty success, involving managed services and Saas solutions.
  • Committed to aligning your purpose with your work.
  • Successful and thrive in a very collaborative environment with extremely knowledgeable and dedicated Growth, Learning Services, Product, and Marketing professionals. 
  • Looking to work with people who thrive in building a healthy relationship between their professional and personal life experience. 
  • A decisive decision-maker with a willingness to fail. 
  • Detail oriented.
  • Confident and clear in your communication. 
  • A creative thinker and communicator. 
  • Comfortable with leveraging multiple types of technology to communicate. 
  • Eager to work in a fast-paced environment. 
  • Experienced in working with teams of multiple cultural and geographic backgrounds.
  • In agreement that Rogue One was far superior to The Rise of Skywalker.


If you read this and thought “That’s me!” to any or all of the above please submit an application, we’d love to chat!  


You Might Want to Know:

  • We’re Remote First Forever (RFF<3) but provide opportunities to collaborate with teammates IRL too. 
  • Our functional teams work hybrid hours, but we appreciate your need to work within your regional time zone (ET, CT, MT, or PT).
  • This position requires weekly travel that can be managed by you and according to your prospects’ availability.
  • We’re committed to maintaining value-based compensation that also paces with the market. 
  • We’re thrilled to invest in your financial future with a 401K matching plan. 
  • When you work with us, we’re always on your team and are committed to providing resources to help build the skills you need to thrive in your career with us and beyond. 
  • Your health and wellbeing is a priority of ours starting with our premium medical, dental, and vision plans. 
  • Working from wherever has its challenges so we support your technology needs through technology stipends and a request for equipment process.  
  • Your hard work pays off with individual performance compensation opportunities.
  • As the company succeeds so will you, with growth milestone compensation opportunities.

At O’Donnell Learn+ISG, you’ll work in a community of passionate learners, learning experience professionals, and learner success coaches dedicated to changing the way the world learns. We’re “a 30-year-old start-up” with the drive and innovation you’d expect of a high-growth start-up but the sensibilities of a legacy business.  

We are committed to cultivating a humanized, inclusive and engaged workforce.  As such, our success is tied to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce that reflects the population of learners and educators that we serve. We actively celebrate our team members’ differing abilities, perspectives, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith and gender identity.  And, we are dedicated to supporting you in your career journey.

Our organization is spread out across the world with a community that has functioned virtually since WAY before it was cool, easy, or practical… much like modern learners, we thrive in the flexibility this provides. That said, our teams love to get together and collaborate, with always accessible hubs in Los Angeles, outside New York City, and North and South Carolina. We provide all the resources you need to successfully work remotely along with the care necessary to enhance your wellbeing and keep you healthy!