Community Manager, Concierge– Nectar ™

Los Angeles, CA • Remote • Full-Time • Community Management & Product Success

O’Donnell Learn+ISG’s mission is to change the way the world learns. We are the learning experience company. To achieve our lofty goal we leverage data, people centric experience design, and technology to make sure every educator is capable of creating the best experience for the people in their learning community—learners, educators, leaders, and champions.   

Quietly, we’ve been developing a platform combining technology and services (Nectar ™ )  that gives educators on demand access to the  infrastructure and support they need to deliver memorable learning experiences that connect with their learners. Fundamental to this vision is our Nectar ™  technology that is designed to serve as the hub for instructors to innovate their teaching and develop their learning experiences to meet the demands of modern learners.  Included with our platform is our Concierge Team of teaching and learning specialists who work with educators to support everything in their teaching flow, from ideation to activation in their class.  Nectar ™ is  designed uniquely for modern educators and the instructional champions that serve them. 

As our Community  Manager you’ll be dedicated to encouraging our community members to unlock the most value from their engagement with the Nectar ™ platform. Your responsibility will begin with institutional on-boarding and continue through the user experience of our community members.  . You’ll have the opportunity to work between our community, product team, and partners to identify opportunities to drive  increased engagement to ensure that Nectar ™ is  delivering the most possible value to our community of users– educators, learners, leaders, and instructional champions. As a crucial  part of the community engagement team, you will be responsible for managing a segment of our rapidly growing community– from relaying crucial Nectar ™ enhancements to supporting community building activity and wellbeing. . Everyday, you’ll have the opportunity to improve the teaching and learning experience of people around the world. 


In this role you will…

  • Manage overall  communication plans to community members. 
  • Implement and oversee platform communications to community members. 
  • Develop new strategies and tactics to better connect with your community and care for its members. 
  • Facilitate successful onboarding of new partners and their users  onto  the Nectar ™  platform and Concierge service
  • Determine community engagement objectives and successfully achieve them.  
  • Drive increased platform engagement and value to the Nectar ™  community. 
  • Collaborate with various members of the team to develop engaging content and community building activities. 
  • Curate and report metrics on engagement success and outcomes.
  • Maintain a user experience that meets O’Donnell Learn+ISG brand standards and quality expectations. 
  • Evolve the community engagement communications  strategy and tactics based on evaluation of success metrics. 
  • Develop empathy for community members and cultivate an understanding of their unique needs.
  • Create a community that is happy, healthy, and valuable to improve the experience of educators and learners! 

Are you…?

  • Passionate about improving the experience of teaching and learning! 
  • Committed to aligning your purpose with your work. 
  • Looking to work with people who thrive in building a healthy relationship between their professional and personal  life experience. 
  • A decisive decision maker with a willingness to fail. 
  • A former educator looking for a great new opportunity.
  • A leader with user facing experience.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Confident and clear in your communication. 
  • A creative thinker and communicator. 
  • Comfortable with leveraging multiple types of technology to communicate. 
  • A capable story teller and narrative builder comfortable with  multiple content formats. 
  • Experienced in managing multiple experiences and objectives at once.
  • Capable at creating and interpreting data to generate reports and metrics that impact decision making.
  • Eager to work in a fast paced environment. 
  • Experienced in working with teams of multiple cultural and geographic backgrounds.
  • An emphatic believer that George R.R. Martin still needs to finish the Song of Ice and Fire. 

If you read this and thought “That’s me!” to any or all of the above please submit an application, we’d love to chat! 

You Might Want to Know:

  • We’re Remote First Forever (RFF<3) but provide opportunities to collaborate with teammates IRL too. 
  • Your team  works hybrid hours but we appreciate your ability to work  West Coast (PT) hours most days or East Coast hours up-to 3 days a week. 
  • We do travel and we ask that you  accommodate occasional travel requests for team building, collaboration, and community engagement activities. 
  • We’re committed to maintaining value based compensation that also paces with the market. 
  • We’re thrilled to invest in your financial future with a 401K matching plan. 
  • When you work with us we’re always on your team and are committed to providing resources to help build the skills you need to thrive in your career with us and beyond. 
  • Your health and wellbeing is a priority of ours starting with our  premium Medical ,dental, and vision plans. 
  • Working from wherever has its challenges so we support your technology needs appropriately.  
  • Your hard work pays off with individual  performance compensation opportunities..

At O’Donnell Learn+ISG  you’ll work in a community of passionate learners, learning experience professionals, and learner success coaches dedicated to changing the way the world learns. We’re “a 30 year old start-up” with the drive and innovation you’d expect of a high growth start-up but sensibilities of a legacy business.  

We are committed to cultivating a humanized, inclusive and engaged workforce.  As such, our success is tied to recruiting and retaining a diverse workforce that reflects the population of learners and educators that we serve. We actively celebrate our team members’ differing abilities, perspectives, sexual orientation, ethnicity, faith and gender identity.  And, we are dedicated to supporting you in your career journey.

Our organization  is spread out across the world with a community that has functioned virtually since WAY before it was cool, easy, or practical… much like modern learners, we thrive in  the flexibility this provides. That said, our teams love to get together and collaborate,  with always accessible hubs in Los Angeles, outside New York City, and South Carolina. We provide all the resources you need to successfully work remotely along with the care necessary to enhance your wellbeing and keep you  healthy!