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Design For People, Now.

Published By Carrie O'Donnell
on Apr 16, 2020

“Design is for people, not content”. These wise words were sent to me in a text message by my friend and collaborator, Gerry Hanley of California State University, Long Beach and Executive Director of Skills Common and MERLOT. This thinking sparked a conversation between Gerry and I that we are eager to extend to a […]

Infographic: Improve Student Engagement By Catering to Each Generation

Published By Carrie O'Donnell
on Apr 09, 2020

Sources: National Center for Education Statistics (NCES),, Training Journal, IACET, Lendkey, Barnes & Noble College

Pass/Fail: The Only Option for Leveling the Learning Disparities of a COVID-19 Semester

Published By Joana Jebsen
on Apr 01, 2020

As universities and colleges grapple with the fallout of COVID-19 forcing onground courses online, controversies are brewing over how to grade. Some institutions have already moved to a pass/fail option, believing that normal grading in these unforeseen circumstances is both challenging and unfair. I applaud that decision. In fact, I suggest taking it one step […]

Direct From the Students: Communication is Key!

Published By Carrie O'Donnell
on Mar 27, 2020

Lately, we’ve been really paying attention to what the college-aged students related to the O’Donnell Learn team are saying about navigating their online classes. Some were already 100% online prior to their college campus closing due to COVID-19, and some were not. But what they’re telling me they need to successfully navigate online learning “in […]

“Going Virtual” Video Series Launching Today!

Published By Carrie O'Donnell
on Mar 25, 2020

The internet and social media are loaded with information and advice for faculty who are struggling to go online quickly. Much of it is centered around the critical area of technical support–what tools to use, when and how. At the same time, there’s a gap in resources available to support faculty who want to create […]

“Do what you can…”

Published By Carrie O'Donnell
on Mar 18, 2020

When I read this quote by Teddy Roosevelt, it made me pause… and then to take stock. What can I do in this moment, right now, to make a difference? How can I positively impact where I am, with what I have? As we all wrestle with the unexpected changes in our lives due to […]

5 Tips For Engaging Your Learners When You Go Virtual

Published By Carrie O'Donnell
on Mar 16, 2020

Higher Education is undergoing a mass migration from classroom-based to virtual learning this week. To most of our partners, it feels like drinking from the fire hose! Both faculty and students need support to ensure that they get through this, that we, as a learning community, maintain quality in teaching, and ensure that all students […]

10 Easy, Low-tech Steps to Getting Your Course Online

Published By Carrie O'Donnell
on Mar 13, 2020

In a global response to COVID-19 Coronavirus, teachers and faculty all over the world are being called upon to make the shift from classroom teaching to conducting their courses completely online. No matter what your experience is with online learning, these 10 steps will help you make this transition efficiently and get you online and […]

Unbundling: It Worked for the Airlines, Could It Work for Higher Ed?

Published By Joana Jebsen
on Feb 26, 2020

At a time when making education more affordable, increasing speed to degree are key strategies at most higher education institutions, is it also time to finally take a page from the airline industry and unbundle the degree? While most of us don’t want the HE experience to simulate the cramped seating and multiple flight delays […]