“Going Virtual” Video Series Launching Today!

Published by Carrie O'Donnell
on Mar 25, 2020

The internet and social media are loaded with information and advice for faculty who are struggling to go online quickly. Much of it is centered around the critical area of technical support–what tools to use, when and how.

At the same time, there’s a gap in resources available to support faculty who want to create the best learning experience possible in their newly virtual environments. To help fill this gap, we’ve been actively developing simple, quick tools and resources that reinforce student learning and engagement. And today we’re launching our new Going Virtualvideo series

Our first video: Converting Your Content shares ideas for effectively preparing onground materials for online. All the videos in the series are written and presented by our senior designers–who have years of experience supporting faculty as they go online. Best of all, each video in the series will provide a set of implementable ideas in three minutes or less.

You’ll find our Going Virtual videos in our recently launched LX Design Center, which also provides additional resources and tools for teaching and learning today, including a new live chat option to connect faculty members with the support of an experienced O’Donnell Learn designer, weekdays, 9am to 5pm EDT.


FALL 2020: Collecting Learner Feedback and Applying the Results

Published By Brett Christie, PhD
on Oct 15, 2020

Recently, O’Donnell Learn CEO, Carrie O’Donnell and I began hosting short webinars to address critical issues higher education faculty are currently facing. Our aim is to provide concise, actionable resources to help faculty create a more successful learning experience, particularly in the context of this semester’s challenges.

Challenges in Equity and Inclusion for Online Learning: An Interview with Dr. Brett Christie

Published By Joana Jebsen
on Sep 03, 2020

At O’Donnell Learn, we’ve always believed the path to great learning includes every learner and provides alternative pathways for different learners. When higher education shifted to emergency remote learning in March, significant gaps in equity and inclusion became evident. As institutions seek to resolve these gaps for online learning, we reached out to Dr. Brett […]

Introducing Media Lab: Aligning Learning Design and Media, All Under One Roof

Published By Carrie O'Donnell
on Sep 01, 2020

We recently made an exciting announcement – the launch of Media Lab! Media Lab was conceived out of a desire to disrupt the current media development model and offer best-in-class learning experiences at any scale. By bringing learning design and learning media production under one roof, our Media Lab is poised to help drive this […]