Faculty Concierge

What is Faculty Concierge? Faculty Support For Learning Design

Faculty Concierge is a full-service support team, dedicated to creating and designing classroom experiences for in-person, online, & hybrid learning environments in higher ed. We provide teachers with the support they need to succeed in online course design, learner engagement, and EdTech adoption.

We help instructors create digital learning experiences that keep learners motivated, encourage class participation, and foster community engagement using an individual instructor’s course plan. Faculty support in learning design is the missing step in higher ed.

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Save Time With A Holistic Faculty Support Program For Higher Ed 

Our faculty support programs are designed to save faculty time, reduce the workload associated with creating in-person, online, & hybrid courses, and maximize learner engagement.

We help bridge the gap between how an instructor imagines their classroom experience can be and how it gets done. Time and a steep learning curve are the biggest factors that hinder instructors from creating meaningful learning experiences.

Faculty Concierge provides unlimited learning design support together with our unique tool-kit. Save valuable time when you work with us.

  • Unlimited 24/7 access to our support team
  • Nectar Tool-kit
  • Time-saving strategies
  • One-on-one learning designer support
  • Transform & adapt course materials
  • Template completion support
  • Easy to follow solutions for success
  • Class engagement & strategy suggestions

Concierge Plus + is here to support custom content creation. Create new courses, certificate programs, or other learning materials.

  • Full course design
  • Training programs
  • Certificate programs
  • Open educational resources creation
  • Authoring written educational content
  • Content meeting standards for accreditation
  • Custom video content
  • Custom instructional solutions

Available At The Institutional or Individual Level

We make the process simple and save faculty time. Learning design and EdTech adoption should never hold instructors back from succeeding in a technology-driven learning environment.

Institutional Faculty Support Programs – Position your institution as a leader in creating the highest quality learning experiences. Provide faculty support that benefits everyone, reduces faculty stress, and enhances the learning experience.

Individual Faculty Support Programs – Want a personalized support solution to take the pressure off? We’re here to help transform how you create learning experiences. Connect with us about an individualized support plan.

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Do You Need Elastic or Static Faculty Support?

Ongoing support with Faculty Concierge means courses are elastic.

Instructors have the ability to update their courses in real-time with full access to the Faculty Concierge support team so they can design unique learning experiences that stay current.

One-time course design with Concierge Plus + support is static.

It’s perfect for courses, training, and certificate programs that meet fixed criteria and aren’t subject to regular changes. We provide full authoring and design support, that fits your unique needs

Faculty Concierge Benefits Campus Leaders & Helps You Reach Administrative Goals

Faculty Concierge supports administrative staff and campus leaders to reach institutional goals. Higher ed institutions face obsolescence in a world increasingly dominated by demand for technology-driven learning experiences. Offer students learning experiences that set you apart from your competitors and reduce faculty stress.

Instructors in higher ed are subject matter experts, not digital learning design experts. When institutions put expectations solely on individual teachers to create expert-level course design solutions inconsistent learning experiences can happen.

When creating digitally driven learning experiences isn’t a stressor for instructors, it isn’t a stressor for anyone else either. Bringing in expert, humanized, hands-on faculty support institutions reduces institutional growing pains and makes faculty feel confident and supported.

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