Director of Learning Experience Design

Job Description:

ODL seeks a leader in learning experience design to:

  • Support ODL’s mission and vision of high-quality learning design, by driving excellence in learning design, course design and development across ODL’s LXD teams, product offerings and engagements

  • Refine and articulate ODL’s Purposeful Design approach backed up with research and real-world examples, and implement ODL’s Purposeful Design approach in all Learning

  • Design products, processes and templates

  • Lead, grow and nurture a team of LXD freelancers through training, development, coaching, and building a community among the instructional designers

    • Collaborate with Staffing Director on recruiting, hiring, onboarding, and professional development of new Learning Designers

    • Develop and oversee the LXD Resource Center, ODL’s repository of tools, templates and resources

  • Drive a culture of continuous improvement and innovation in LXD

  • Represent ODL’s LXD expertise/function in sales presentations and proposals

  • Assist in market development activities supporting ODL’s Learning Design approach

  • Assist with thought leadership opportunities through conference presence and marketing

  • The ODL LXD Director s upports the goals of ODL for both its LXA and Premier offerings

  • For ODL’s Premier custom services, the LXD director specifically:

    • Manages successful development of high-quality learning experiences

    • Assigns Learning Designers to projects

    • Oversees LXD aspects of ODL’s media development function

  • For ODL’s LXA Suite of new product offerings, the LXD Director specifically:

    • Helps to define and articulate ODL’s Purposeful Design approach

    • Works closely with the Product Manager on the overall product roadmap

    • Defines the various learning design staff roles by product

    • Assigns and manages Learning Designers as designers, facilitators, or community managers

    • Responsible for the templates and processes for these products


We Seek Someone Who:

  • Is ready to be a critical member of a team that is charting a new path to rapidly grow and scale a successful company

  • Instinctively creates an environment—and a culture—for success in LXD

  • Is a great coach, and achieves success through the learning experience design talent you build, guide, nurture and hold accountable

  • Steers the direction of the LXD function, aligns resources, and improves key LXDprocesses & templates

  • An exceptionally driven self-starter, with a passion for learning design and innovation● Works hard and plays hard

Qualifications and Skills:

  • This position requires a Master's degree in Instructional Design, Educational Psychology or a related field and/or demonstrated equivalent work experience 

  • Excels at working cross-functionally; ability to work collaboratively and strategically with a wide range of stakeholders who often hold competing interests

  • Employs forward-thinking, innovative approach to LXD and strong creative and process thinking abilities

  • Ability to develop and implement instructional design processes at scale

  • Ability to evaluate content to determine learner-centered design and appropriateness for target audiences

  • 6+ years of experience in higher education with a track record of innovation with learning design, learning technologies and an understanding of learning science principles and technology trends

  • Talent for growing and nurturing a team: Leadership abilities in training, mentoring and coaching learning designers.

  • Demonstrated ability to apply instructional design principles, learning theory, and educational technologies in the design and development of learning experiences.

  • Experience with one or more learning management systems, as well as common software used in the design and development of learning experiences.