Accelerate Your Shift to Engaging Online Learning

LX Accelerate™

A suite of solutions to help institutions transform the learning experience

Student Success is Our Goal. You Own It.

Your students’ success is your responsibility. The accelerated shift to online is just the beginning. Meeting the continued needs of sudents, instructors, and employers requires increased capacity to design engaging learning along with flexibility to fit shifting budgets and timelines.

Your institution’s identity and instructor control over the learning experience are key to managing the convergence of these needs. The right partner and solution set will increase your capability to improve student success and greatly increase your capacity.

Thriving students embrace a connected, digital lifestyle - and expect engaging learning experiences online. As savvy consumers, they demand affordability. 


Seasoned faculty know face-to-face learning is as much an art as it is sharing expertise - and struggle to replicate these nuances online. Their own style disappears.


Prospective employers seek talent equipped to navigate an ever-changing career. And expect institutions to prepare them.


LX Accelerate™. You Maintain Control. Deliver Success.

Institutions have long been challenged to transform learning experiences to meet stakeholder needs. Without the resources or internal capacity to build from the ground up - or even knowing where to start – it’s easy to fall behind the curve.


LX Accelerate™ changes all that. This suite of products: 

Helps your instructors quickly improve the learning experience (LX) now and build on these improvements long into the future.

Templated learning experience solutions make it easy for your instructors to own the content and implement great learning experiences quickly.

Expert level services, processes, and tools are tech-enabled to make for a flexible experience that fits your instructors’ needs where they are. 

Combines professional development with access to our learning design experts to build partnerships in practice with instructors.

Best of all, you’re not outsourcing the learning. Your school’s mission and culture, as well as your faculty’s unique expertise, is retained. 


You maintain control. We help you deliver success. 

Jumpstart. Learn by Doing.

Launch or Reboot Your Initiative.

In six weeks a cohort of 25 instructors will leave with the skillset to redesign any course into a great learning experience and dramatically improved course of their own. Each week, your instructors will engage with the best practices in LXD through a series of learning experiences and activities with support of an expert ID. Participants “learn by doing”. 

The Jumpstart curriculum is aligned with the tried-and-true process that our designers use to design custom courses, modeling backward design as the learning and course development occurs.

Instructors will walk out of each jumpstart with: 

A full course blueprint to outline the design of their entire course.


Fully developed plan, assessments, activities, instruction, and social presence for first four weeks of instruction. 

The knowledge and ability to continuously improve their students’ learning experiences in any course.

Propel. ODL Experts. Your Way. Our Team.

With our monthly, managed service subscription you can embed ODL’s instructional design and media production experts right into your institution’s existing capacity. Expand your LX design expertise for less than the cost of hiring and maintaining staff.

Expand Your Capabilities.

Launch new online initiatives in time for the Fall semester

Transform existing online courses into engaging, effective learning experiences

Access cost-saving, learning science-bases LX Accelerate™ design tools and templates

Leverage expertise in all areas of LX design


Advance your Fall online offerings with Propel, a team of experts ready to serve your LX design needs!

LX Premier. Customized solutions. Created in Partnership.

Design a New Degree or Program.

Beyond LX Accelerate™ - and your internal resources to build an entire program - is the opportunity for partnership in innovation. 

For over 30 years, O’Donnell Learn has partnered with institutions and organizations to rapidly design and develop degrees, courses, stackable credentials and bootcamps. 

Our structured, virtual collaboration empowers us to ramp up quickly, pulling together the right team of fully-vetted experts for each engagement. 

We are masters at bringing out the unique culture and flavor of an institution and a program. The integrity of your on-ground experiences is never lost in the design of an online degree program, nor is your faculty’s expertise or the style in which they teach. 

How do we do this? Through deep partnership between our designers and your faculty, combining our expertise with theirs to bring innovation to online degrees and promote student success, from on-ground to online.