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Embrace the New Paradigm of Learning with the Gift of Faculty Concierge.

Your faculty and supporting staff have experienced stress and anxiety over the last two years. They have been overwhelmed, and sometimes felt underappreciated. To add insult to injury, they’ve had to deal with student performance suffering and enrollments lagging. It’s especially important now to show faculty they are appreciated and support them in delivering great learning experiences. The Faculty Concierge service gives your team a large dose of extra support and care, with services, tools and resources that save them time and enable them to drive student success and satisfaction.

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It’s clear that you care.

And, our additional support will help you keep pace and raise the bar for student and faculty success.

Through this personalized faculty service model, instructors can find more time to…

  • Care for themselves.
  • Connect with students.
  • Develop the next great teaching moment.
  • Share expertise.
  • Reignite the joy in teaching and learning.

Increase faculty success to drive student success.

Faculty Concierge service is a personalized technology-enhanced resource that meets faculty where they are with the support they need. Our Concierge team of teaching and learning specialists is available 24×7 to help instructors quickly assess needs, generate new ideas, and realize teaching dreams by pairing evidence-based learning practices with instructors’ strengths.

As faculty continually iterate their courses, we provide a guidepost for effective learning experiences, the Purposeful Learning FrameworkTM, which includes time-saving tools and resources. And, we take care of the technical implementation, giving faculty more time and energy to engage with students.

Expert teaching & learning specialists are there to serve and help instructors…

  • Introduce a new concept with great new content.
  • Ensure accessibility.
  • Energize your students with an exciting activity.
  • Build a relationship with the class by making time spent together more social.
  • Save time in the technical aspects of implementing the course.
  • Find and curate course resources more efficiently.

How we serve faculty:

We listen: We are by your side when it’s good and when it’s bad. We’re here to provide guidance when you need it, but most importantly, we serve as open ears to your frustrations.

We come to you: Our only focus is your success and we’ll meet you *virtually* anywhere you are. Whether it’s a week of late night course prep on the road or those early morning tweaks before class, we’re there– phone, chat, email, or zoom… we’re still working on teleportation (it’s a low priority; we’re not always “in-person” ready either)..

We create a safe space for experimentation: Your hard work should always be recognized when you’re ready to share. Using technology that integrates with your LMS, we’ll help you tell your story by crafting a profile, managing your portfolio of teaching innovations, and discovering your next great teaching moment.

How does the Faculty Concierge Work?

The Details


Personalized service for faculty during the process of teaching and developing a course that connects specialized teaching & learning resources with faculty in real-time.


24/7. Virtually Anywhere, we connect with faculty via chat, phone, SMS, email, and video.


The Concierge team of Teaching & Learning Specialists leverage decades of expertise and our platform to build personal connections with faculty and develop solutions that meet their needs.

The Outcomes

  • Increased faculty satisfaction
  • Improved faculty engagement
  • Enhanced learning experiences that embrace evidence-based practices
  • Increased student satisfaction and retention

Serve Faculty. Save Time. Elevate the Experience.

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O’Donnell Learn+ISG, with Faculty Concierge and all of its services, is 100% committed to helping institutions and their faculty to consistently deliver humanized, inclusive, and engaged learning. Request a demo today to learn more about how Concierge can support your institution.