FALL 2020: Collecting Learner Feedback and Applying the Results

Published by Brett Christie, PhD
on Oct 15, 2020

5 Techniques for Collecting Learner Feedback and Strategies for Applying What You Learn (Run time: 30 mins)

Recently, O’Donnell Learn CEO, Carrie O’Donnell and I began hosting short webinars to address critical issues higher education faculty are currently facing. Our aim is to provide concise, actionable resources to help faculty create a more successful learning experience, particularly in the context of this semester’s challenges.

Our most recent webinar, 5 Techniques for Collecting Learner Feedback and Strategies for Applying What You Learn was so well-received, we’re making it available here for easy and continuous reference. Now is the perfect time to implement these techniques. We’re far enough along into the semester for students to have a feel for a course, materials and expectations yet still early enough to realize the benefits of taking action on the learner feedback now.

The five techniques we presented were a mix of asynchronous and synchronous activities, designed to gather feedback of varying depth. All are easy to implement and yield informative data you can address quickly for improved student success.

Overview of Methods:

  1. Feedback Survey – online closed and open-ended questions
  2. Continuous Survey – ongoing, for a specific period of time
  3. Real-Time Pulse Survey – live, in the moment
  4. Open-Ended Feedback – use commenting/popup apps to encourage onscreen responses
  5. Facilitated Small Group Discussion – most depth, facilitated by outside individual

We recommend collecting feedback early-term (e.g., 4th week) over mid- or end-of-term because it enables students to provide input specific to their initial experience. At the same time, this also demonstrates that student success matters and that their feedback is welcomed. Both are excellent factors for increasing student buy-in.

Our next webinar Keeping Learners on Track with Low-Stakes Assessment will be on November 4th at 12 pm ET. Join us live to ask questions and interact with peers. Sign up to receive registration information when it’s available.

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