What to Expect at Wednesday’s OLC Ideate Conversation

Published by Carrie O'Donnell
on Apr 20, 2020

Topic: Innovating Faculty Support to Educate Displaced Workers in the New Normal Date: Wednesday, April 22, 11:30 – 12:15 EDT Format: Guided roundtable discussion with breakout/small groups

Facilitators: Gerry Hanley, Executive Director of MERLOT and Skills Common, and Professor of Psychology at Cal State University, Long Beach; Carrie O’Donnell, CEO & Founder, O’Donnell Learn.

As higher ed institutions redesign courses and other learning experiences to accommodate displaced workers and the new normal after COVID-19, it’s time to start a conversation about how to support faculty innovation around developing learning experiences for this specific learner.

Our session will start with Five Whys, a design thinking exercise, that will help us gain a deeper view of the challenges faculty are facing when redesigning learning for this new normal. More than getting at the facts, this exercise will give us an empathetic and compassionate view of the current faculty experience.

With this in-depth view as our foundation, we’ll break into smaller groups. Gerry and Carrie will lead these groups through guided brainstorming sessions around how institutions can support faculty during this time of great change.

To wrap, we’ll come back together as the larger group, recap our small group brainstorming results and share our learnings. Participant Bonus: The conversation is just getting started! Following OLC Ideate, we’ll be sharing key learnings and session notes with participants for open collaboration, to continue our dialogue and further evolve the learnings. Please register for OLC Ideate to join us for Wednesday’s conversation! P.S. If you can’t make our event check out this fantastic schedule.

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