Experience is what we bring to the table.


Great learning experiences are what we create there.

Coronavirus Support Via Our LX Design Center

As higher education institutions embark on a mass migration to virtual learning, the ODL team is here to help! We want to ensure that all faculty have the opportunity to engage their students, despite the trying times. 

Please visit our LX Design Center for tools and resources. Molly is available to help your faculty as they go virtual, and to connect them with our designers for brief troubleshooting sessions. 

We Improve Learning

From the start, we focus on your learners, and their needs, in the context of how they learn.


Add to that our culture of innovation, unmatched industry experience and a diverse community of talent, vetted for creativity and expertise.


The result? The collaboration and agility required to meet the scale of your initiative and the learning needs of those you serve.


Designing from experience. Because experience drives success.

LX Design

More than what we do, it's who we are.   In our 25 years designing and delivering innovative learning experiences for our clients, LX (learning experience) Design has become our way of life.


Why? Because nothing else compares for promoting deep learning and improving student success.  Great learning experiences engage the learner.  And, this helps institutions drive student enrollment and retention, and bridge the gap between academia and the workforce.

The O’Donnell Learn Way 

The ODL Way is how we infuse our process and culture into everything we do.  Our compass. Ensuring consistent, high quality deliverables. Every day, for every engagement.


What drives the ODL Way? Our values. Like DNA, these values fuel who we are and every aspect of our business.

  • Collaborative

  • Learner-Centric

  • Always Learning

  • Creative

  • Professional

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