Burnt Out & Overburdened: The Faculty Experience 2022

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Humanized, Inclusive Learning:
Instructional Design With Purpose

O’Donnell Learn is committed to helping educators deliver successful learning experiences.

We provide a variety of solutions to help faculty and learners achieve the best outcomes. Our solutions range from course and program design to instructional design and include quick fixes or major overhauls with specialized experts.

By emphasizing humanized and inclusive learning, we ensure your faculty can deliver quality and engaging learning experiences to their students for in-person, online, and hybrid learning environments.

We design
for people.

People are at the center of everything we do. With empathy for the learner as our launching pad, we support faculty to bring their expertise together with what inspires, excites and engages their learners. This partnership is key to creating authentic experiences that advance learner success.

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Instructional Designers

This approach to instructional design is exclusive to O’Donnell Learn. Our work with 1000s of instructors brings together years of experience with research-based strategies, case studies, and the development of proven learning frameworks and universal learning design methods to keep people at the center of the experience.

We’ve created a complimentary Purposeful Learning FrameworkTM checklist to act as an adaptable open education resource (OER) for instructors, educators, and institutions who use our solutions.

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It’s amazing what can happen when partnerships are dedicated to advancing learner success.

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